AdvantiGen Biosciences was founded in 2015 with the goal of enabling medical device development and drug discovery that improve the human condition through the creation of innovative detection reagents and technologies.  To achieve our goals, we utilize our three core technologies to create key effective biological tools.  Our first core technology is comprised of our suite of optical imaging products, which allow the tracking of proteins and cells in vitro and in vivo using the Infrared (IR) region of the spectrum.  Our second core technology is a proprietary and patented hybridoma antibody platform which allows our team to produce significantly more antigen specific clones than standard fusion procedures which allows us to rapidly develop important diagnostic and therapeutic antibodies. Our third core technology involves our partnership with a novel monobody (antibody-like proteins) technology company to develop, in combination with our suite of fluorophores, high value reagents for use either in assays and/or as human therapeutics.    By utilizing these technologies AdvantiGen is able to provide our customer tools and services that meet or exceed their specifications leading to the acceleration of their research and development.