AdvantiGen’s fluorophore technology is centered around the development of novel forms of Phytochrome-Based Fluorophores (PBFs).  These protein based photoreceptors are found in plants and bacteria and can be engineered to uniquely emit fluorescent and photoacoustic signals in the Infrared (IR) region of the spectrum.  The IR region of the spectrum is the most desirable region for optical imaging due to the limited light scattering and low signal to noise ratio provided by the long IR wavelengths.

Key Advantages of AdvantiGen Flurophores

1.  Infrared Wavelengths:  The unique infrared wavelength emissions of our fluorophores enable the development of lower background diagnostic tools resulting in higher assay sensitivity.    

2.  Device Compatibility:  Our fluorophores are compatible with existing commercially available pre-clinical imaging systems, including flow cytometry and microscopy platforms, and the LI-COR and IVIS imaging systems. 

3.  Conjugation:  Like chemical fluorophores, our fluorophores can be chemically fused to target proteins or antibodies for use in assay development or to enable real-time tracking in in vitro and in vivo systems. 

4.  Translational Fusions:  Unlike chemical fluorophores, our protein fluorophores can also be expressed as a co-translational fusions in vitro or in vivo.  This feature can be exploited to reduce costs and simplify experimental processes through the elimination of additional steps and reagents. 

5.  In Vivo Expression:  Our fluorophores can be expressed and detected in many cells lines and model systems, including: microbes, fish, mice, and rabbits.  The generation of transgenic cell lines or animals expressing our fluorophores allows non-invasive, low background, real-time imaging. 

6.  Work in Anaerobic and Aerobic Environments:  Unlike GFP/RFP-derived probes, an oxygen co-factor is not required for our fluorophores.  This feature enables probing of anaerobic tissues, such as the gut.  

Fluorophore Applications

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Table Summarizing AdvantiGen Flurophores:

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