Unlike traditional co-culture methods where one cell population is obscured, the Ginrei Lab Interactive Co-Culture Plates (ICCP) allow researchers to use a microscope to simultaneously monitor both cell lines.  Furthermore, if desired, this co-culture vessel technology allows researchers to use the same growth surface substrate for both populations.  Importantly, ICCP technology does this while preventing cross contamination between the cell populations and while permitting the sharing of growth media and secretion factors.

10 Packs Interactive Co-Culture Plates (ICCP) - Each Pack Contains 2 Pairs

SKU: 2501-02AB
  • Sterile and disposable Interactive Co-Culture Plates (ICCP) are connected side-by-side which allows two cell populations to share growth media and secretion factors without cross-contamination while both cultures are clearly visible with a microscope.


    Important features:


    - Permits the simultaneous observation of both cell populations.


    -Allows researchers to use the same growth surface materials for both cell populations.


    -Wells A and B can be used separately which permits cells to be cultured independently for various purposes including use as negative controls.


    -O-ring and filter system prevents cross-contamination between cell lines and allows only the growth media and secretion factors to be shared.


    -Pore filter size is adjustable allowing researchers to customize the ICCP system to permit transfer of only specific transcripts or secretion factors).


    - The base adapter included in each blister pack is the same size as a Microscope Glass Slide to simplify sample observation.