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Unlike traditional co-culture methods where one cell population is obscured, the Ginrei Lab Interactive Co-Culture Plates (ICCP)-48 High-Throughput System allows researchers to use a microscope to simultaneously monitor up to 48 pairs of co-cultured cell lines.  Furthermore, if desired, this co-culture vessel technology allows researchers to use the same growth surface substrate for both populations.  Importantly, the ICCP-48 technology does all this while preventing cross contamination between the cell populations and while permitting the sharing of growth media and secretion factors.

ICCP-48 High-Throughput Screening Plate

  • Interactive Co-Culture Plate (ICCP)-48 high-throughput screening plates each contains 96 wells which allows for 48 co-culture experiments.  These novel, sterile and disposable plates are produced with filters between the 48 pairs of A and B wells.  Just like the original ICCP system, the ICCP-48 system allows two cell populations to share growth media and secretion factors without cross-contamination between the cell populations while both cultures are clearly visible with a microscope.


    Important features:


    - Permits the simultaneous observation of both cell populations.


    -Allows researchers to use the same growth surface materials for both cell populations.


    - The plate is the same size as a standard 96 well plate to simpify sample processing and observation.