AdvantiGen Biosciences provides protein-based tool development services for our research, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical clients.  Our highly experienced team has extensive expertise in building and manufacturing recombinant proteins, and developing monobodies and antibodies.

Protein Manufacturing:  We are highly experienced and skilled in the areas of eukaryotic and prokaryotic protein expression, protein purification, quantification, characterization, and quality control.

Antibody Development:  We have extensive experience developing polyclonal, monoclonal and recombinant antibodies.  We can design the antigen or target.  Furthermore, we have a proprietary immunization process that, in combination with our novel patented reactivation technology, allows us to generate antibodies with higher affinities than what is identified by traditional hybridoma technologies. 

Monobody Development:  We have partnered to combine our novel patented fluorophores and protein expression expertise with our collaborators cutting edge monobody platform.  This pairing allows the rapid identification of pairs of fluorescent monobody probes that recognize two distinct epitopes.

Challenging Target Antigens:  Our proprietary immunization processes, in combination with our novel patented reactivation technology, allows us to screen more antibodies clones than traditional hybridoma technologies.  This ability increases the successful identification of antibodies for challenging target antigens. 


Here at AdvantiGen our goal is to clearly understand our customer’s needs and expectations and then to build our customers tools that meet or exceed their specifications.  Our engaged project design team works to offer customized possibilities that facilitate success in a timely and cost-effective manner.  We only utilize proven internally validated techniques to develop tools for our clients.  We pride ourselves in our detailed planning, careful characterization, and consistent reproducible manufacturing.

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube